Meaning Of Celtic Pendant Symbol

Here's a brief outline of Celtic pendant symbols and their meanings

  • The Claddagh Pendant This stunning design represents love, friendship and loyalty. It depicts two hands clasping each other holding a crowned heart. This gift would not be given lightly and is popular as a best friend charm or as a wedding token. A Celtic man would bestow this gift on his bride on the eve of their wedding promising faithfulness and loyalty.

  • The Celtic Knot Pendant The Celtic Knot is strongly linked to Celtic culture and is an instantly recognisable symbol. It is used extensively today in many contemporary jewelry designs. It would see that the weave of the knot, one piece of thread or precious metal which is woven into a continuous knot design, suggests that this again is a symbol of love, marriage and friendship.

  • The Triskellion Pendant A symbol that represents the competitive nature of the Celts. The term 'triskellion' is derived from Greek culture and with the three parts looks to represent three legs running. Contrary to what we would have expected, this sign is female in origin, representing maiden, mother and crown. It is a sign of progress and is probably linked to women becoming mothers.

  • The Triquetra Pendant This design is one of the more profound Celtic symbols. Literally meaning three cornered in Latin, it is a reference to the holy trinity. We wear this symbol today on pendants, but it is frequently used as decorative carvings in and on churches.

  • The Five Fold Pendant  Symbolising the four elements earth, air, water and fire with tiny circles in each corner, the larger circle in the centre represents the fifth element, literally connecting each of the four elements with each other. 

  • The Celtic Cross Pendant Probably the most instantly recognisable of all the Celtic pendant symbols, the Celtic cross is as meaningful as it is beautiful. Representing the link between heaven and earth, the folklore surrounding this symbol is ancient. The cross is used in Christianity as a world wide symbol of spirituality and spiritual love. It is also part of traditional Celtic folklore.

As you can see Celtic pendants come in many different forms silver, gold and in natural gemstones all with completely different Celtic meanings. Look for jewellery that has some sort of symbolism to something in your life.
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