Celtic Pendant

The mystique and tradition that surrounds Celtic jewelry has been with us for thousands of years. Just say the word 'Celtic' and it conjures up all kinds of ethereal pictures with a background of 'Celtic' music floating on the mist. Today those traditions are held up by people all over the world. They are the ancestors of the original Celts, who hailed from mid and Western Europe in medieval times. Now, many of them live in areas of Scotland and Ireland and with emigration, all parts of the globe. There are many links that combine the Celtic traditions and Celtic jewelry is one of them.

Celtic jewelry symbolism is well known. The intricate designs all have a specific meaning and Celtic pendants are particularly beautiful. The Celtic Cross and The Celtic Knot are steeped in history and ceremony and today those who revere these beautiful designs purchase jewelry not just for their beauty but also because of the symbolic meanings behind them. This is because the symbolism has meaning for them. If you receive a Celtic pendant with one of these distinctive designs, you will know that much thought has gone into the giving of the gift. Celtic designs use many different symbols including celtic knot pendant, celtic cross pendant, celtic tree of life pendant.

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Pictures of some Celtic jewelry designs

Unique Celtic pendants with knots and cross made from silver, gold and gems.

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bronze celtic pendant

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celtic cat pendant

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celtic cross pendant

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celtic goddess pendant

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celtic knot pendant

celtic love knot pendant

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